The calling to Tibet

Opdateret: 19. aug. 2020

I guess to be a pilgrim, means to have a calling! To touch space, in this life - with the places of my soul’s remembrance. And have the courage to go with the soul’s calling and allow the pilgrimage to happen.

First time in Tibet for me, my mind had no idea about why we were going; I was taken there by the man I lived with, and my soul’s remembrance. It was a huge healing journey to go to Tibet, severe high sickness, causing hallucinations and a visa with wrong numbers so we had to pay a lot of extra money to get me in. At that time, the remembrance from my soul hadn’t touched space with my mind, with my body, it was still contained deep within my core - so it felt difficult to land on the Roof of the World.

It all happened the first time I sat foot on the Kora in Lhasa, my soul revealed its remembrance and filled my body, my mind, my essence with memories. From that moment I was home, in me and in Tibet. To me it feels effortless to be a pilgrim of life, a pilgrim of the soul. But I know it is only possible accompanied by a lot of trust and courage to allow the remembrance of the soul to unfold, for no specific reason but the calling to make it happen. Tibet is home in so many ways to me, its whispers and stories are known to my soul, and slowly, as I allow and have trust, those whispers and stories reveal themselves, in this, my lived life. I am a Pilgrim of Life.

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