Gathering Love



Gathering Love is Temple of Love that invites in any Pilgrim of life. This Temple was created to inspire and encourage you to walk your path in life with an open heart, and is calling you to live from that sacred, inner source of yours. 


We encourage you to walk alongside any other Pilgrim entering this Temple, with a sense of respect and acceptance of their uniquely beautiful path - in the same way they will respect and accept yours.

For you to feel completely safe, we honor you just the way you are. Therefore, in this temple, we don’t offer advice to one another. Instead, we hold and support one another in a loving space, creating an opening for each Pilgrim to discover his or her own inner truth.


Respect for everyone's privacy is essential to the functioning of this Temple and its community of Pilgrims.

Thus, to feel safe as a community member, we ask that you honor whatever is shared in the group as completely private and sacred. This allows you and your fellow Pilgrims to share whatever personal wisdom and insight might arise for you. In other words, what is shared in the Temple, stays in the Temple. 


Finally, while we encourage you to share from the wealth of your loving heart, we kindly ask that you keep any kind of self-promotion or spam out of the Temple.

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